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Like 40's But With a Number Row

MBK Ergo/Ortho
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MBK Ergo/Ortho is a dye sub keycap set (PBT) for Choc switches inspired by classic keycap sets. Ergo/Ortho offers broad versatility for many of the low-profile switch keyboards available today. Icons were designed to compliment the letter legends, referencing the line weight and proportions. The main goal of this set is to integrate the alphas and icon mods to create a set that will always look balanced in even the most exotic layouts or rotated thumb clusters.

This set includes all keys necessary for Ortholinear boards (40% and 60%) as well as most Ergo boards. There are alphas, different sized mods, and number keys. Please reference the layout photos to view specific details.

The kits are available in two colorways:

  • SC / Blue
  • OG / Gray


  • Ergo and Ortho support
  • Number Row


  • Awesome Legends by Tectonicplate

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