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The Corne is a columnar stagger 40% keyboard, the PCB is designed by the amazing Foostan and it has become one of the most popular keyboards among the split community. The Corne is a feature-packed keyboard featuring per-key LED, backlight/underglow, hotswap compatibility, and even has OLED support. If you're looking to get into split keyboard or 40% keyboards, the Corne is an absolute must-try keyboard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Corne assembly does not include LEDs due to the time it takes to install. We may eventually offer LEDs in the assembly but not at this time.

NOTE: Corne V3 pcb does not use the same LEDS to get the right leds please buy Corne V3 led pack. NOTE: Pcbs and cases are sold in packs of 2. Pcb comes with trrs jacks and reset switch's.


  • RGB per key Leds
  • RGB under-glow LEDs
  • hotswap
  • nice-view support
  • Power switch
  • Oled support


  • 3x5x3 layout
  • TRRS and reset switches included with pcb.
  • All hardware for case included with case.

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