FJ08K Joystick

Kinda like a psp joystick if you squint

FJ08K Joystick
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Elevate your control interface with the FJ08K Joystick, a self-centering 2-Axis Analog Thumbstick. It provides precise directional input. Pair it seamlessly with your Unicorne PCB for enhanced functionality. Sometimes, all it takes to perfect your keyboard is a simple yet effective analog input device. This quality Mini 2-Axis Analog Thumbstick is here to meet those needs.

Key Features:

Self-Centering Analog Control: The FJ08K Joystick is a self-centering analog thumbstick, similar to the PSP joysticks. It features two high-quality 10KΩ potentiometers—one for up/down movement and another for left/right. When released, the thumbstick automatically centers itself, ensuring precise control at all times.

Enhance Your Unicorne PCB:

Pair the FJ08K Joystick seamlessly with your Unicorne PCB to unlock even more possibilities for your split keyboard setup. Experience ergonomic typing, joystick support, and a wealth of customization options with this powerful combination.

Upgrade your control interface today with the FJ08K Joystick and take your keyboard to the next level.


  • Easy to use


  • Black Or White cap included

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