TTC Bluish White

TTC Bluish White

10: Per Pack

TTC Bluish Whites are one of the newer tactile switches to hit the scene and offer a few unique features. Bluish White switches offer a progressive spring and muted bottom out, meaning the sound from the switches bottom out is quieter and deeper compared to other similar switches. Additionally, Bluish White switches offer a very lightweight actuation point for MX Tactile switches at only 42g, and since we generally operate under the 'lighter is better' mentality we have been extremely pleased with these tactile switches.

TTC Bluish White switches feature a sealed stem to reduce dust interference and switch wobble, and are also 5 pin switches allowing for multiple mounting options.

Sold in packs of 10.


  • Sealed Steam


  • 3.5MM Travel
  • 42g Actuation Force
  • Tactile
  • 5 pin

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