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MBK Keycaps are the most popular low profile keycap option, and for good reason. With their comfortable texture and high quality heavy PBT plastic these are some of the best keycaps you can use with Kailh Choc switches. After seeing the popularity of MBK Legend, the designer and manufacturer MKTN opted to offer a trimmed-down set made specifically for use with 40% keyboards.

MBK 40s sets come with enough legended caps to fill a 40% keyboard, such as the Corne, Kyria, 4x12, and many other 40% keyboards. The set is of course also compatible with any smaller board such as the Microdox or Ferris.


  • PBT Dyesub
  • (F, J, H, U, N, and T) Homing keys


  • 56 × 1U Keycaps
  • 6 × 1U Homing Keycap (F, J, H, U, N, T)
  • 2 × 1.5U Convex Spacebar Key
  • 2 × 2U Convex Spacebar Key

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