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MBK Glow
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MBK Glow is a beautiful low profile Choc keycap set with an extremely smooth surface and comfortable sculpt. Name 'Glow' due to the shine-through legends on each cap the set pairs beautifully with per-key RGB (the set of course also looks great without RGB). These key caps are the same overall MBK shape we love but now feature an abs coating that is laser etched off to provide the shine-through legend. MBK Glow offers the best support you can possibly get in a low profile keycap set in terms of fitting various layouts and boards. The set pairs beautifully with the Corne LP, Technik and Beiwagen. If you're a fan of low pro or want to get into it, do NOT miss out on these keycaps.

Material & Quality

Material is ABS (the most common option for shinethrough keycaps) and legends are laser etched, based on MBK Legend‡ design, carefully adapted to shine uniformly using the small LED window in Kailh Choc switches.

Exception made to 1.5 and 2u that are PBT (basically the same MBK keycaps you may know), but covered with the same material as ABS, to match the color and texture of the others.



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